Visit from Peregrines

Peregrines Class visited us today to share the stories that they have been writing. Polar Bears students were very welcoming and engaging - good practise for when we meet our buddies from Reception next half term! Both Ms Hesmondhalgh and I were impressed with the kind, thoughtful compliments that they gave - well done Polar Bears!

Mysterious World of Maths

In Polar Bears this week, we have been watching clips from 'Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths' (this programme can be found on BBC iPlayer) and learning about the wonderful Maths that can be found all around us!

We learnt about Fibonacci numbers, how the next one in the sequence is calculated and where they can be found in nature.

We explored these patterns in pineapples, pine cones, cauliflower,sunflowers and tree branches.

We also looked at the Platonic solids, what they represent and had a go at making our own! Here's a link that we used to explore their properties: 


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